Resid’ÚS, an engaged company

Resid’ÚS is an ecological and feminist company, born out of the urgent need to reduce the amount of waste that we generate, especially of plastic.

Resid’ÚS makes it easy for you to have a #ZeroWaste lifestyle. Our products, made with organic cotton, respect the environment throughout the all the production chain and, since they are reusable, avoid unnecessary waste.

For us, the protection of nature and the oceans can not disassociate itself from the promotion of responsible consumption habits or the struggle for social rights. That’s why our economic model strengthens the circular and shared economy. The manufacturing of our products is done at an insertion center in Girona, which offers employment opportunities to women at risk of social exclusion. In addition, we only work with certified manufacturers (OCCGuarantee and Global Organic Textile Standard) that ensure decent working conditions for cotton farmers and guarantee that the production process follows ethical criteria, which is traceable from the seeds to the elaboration of the fabric. Finally, for each Resid’ÚS product sold, 5% is allocated to the natural resources and waste programs of the NGO Amigos de la Tierra and to women’s empowerment programs of the Fundació SURT.

Resid’ÚS is a company committed with the environment and for the benefit of people around us!

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