“School and Commerce, anti-waste symbiosis” European Week for Waste Reduction

As a socially committed and a #ZeroWaste ecological company, we believe that it is our duty to do environmental activism whenever we have the opportunity.  For our first awareness-raising activity, named “School and Commerce, anti-waste symbiosis”, we collaborated with the Eiximenis School of Girona and the Llagurt yogurteries.  During the week from 10 to 16 November, we gathered glass containers that families from the Eiximenis school no longer used. Resid’ÚS gathered, cleaned and distributed them in the two Llagurt shops in Girona and Salt. From November 17 to 25th, overlapping with the European Week of Waste Prevention (EWWR 2018), these Llagurt shops offered their customers the option of having their yogurts served in glass instead of paper or plastic. The customer was told the reasons for carrying out such activity and had to commit to returning the glass container to the shop once finished. All the used containers were later cleaned and reused.


Now we want to give continuity to this activity. We are looking for businesses in Girona that serve take-away food or drinks. We offer them the glass containers for free so they can opt for a sustainable take-away solution in zero waste and reusable containers.

From Resid’ÚS, we appeal to any entity interested in replicating this activity in your municipality, school, business… reducing waste is everyone’s business and it can be done anywhere!

For this activity, the organization of the European Week for Waste Reduction has selected us amongst the 3 finalists to the “European Waste Reduction Awards 2018” in the enterprise category.

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