71% of textile workers are women, many of whom find themselves in modern slavery situations. Due to this reality emerges the #IMadeYourClothes campaign, to demand transparency to clothing brands; ask them to show their suppliers and the people that make their products.

We are joining the claims of the #IMadeYourClothes campaign, and we want you to know the women that sew our bags and make-up remover pads. These are images of our workers: Dolors Nicolás, Mariam Soumare, Binta Gadjigo, Penda Conteh and Fatima.

We need to humanize the people behind brands and showing their faces and telling their stories is another way of valuing their work. Moreover, we also promote #SlowFashion, a sustainable and transparent textile system that ensures adequate wages and decent working conditions.

Watch the video to get to know who are the women working at the labor insertion workshop making our products:

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